How We Help

Accounting & Tax

Accounting and tax consultation
Your business is moving at rapid speeds, so it’s important to ensure you have up-to-date and accurate financial information to guide your way forward. At Accelerated Prosperity, we don’t just meet your tax and compliance obligations. Using our decades of experience working with small to medium businesses, we are positioned to provide deep insight into your numbers and strategies to maximise your wealth.

Small business accounting & tax services

Minimise your tax liability and gain a clear understanding of where your money is going.

Tax & Compliance

We don’t just tick all the tax & compliance boxes and send you on your way. We look for ways to maximise your wealth at the same time as helping you understand your obligations so you feel confident knowing your position when payments are due.

Business financial statements and tax returns

Free up the headspace of the key decision-makers and ease the burden on administrative staff so you can all do what you do best, manage and grow your business. We’ll make sure the right systems are in place, your business financial statements are prepared, and company tax returns are lodged with the ATO.

Individual tax returns

Sleep soundly at night knowing your tax affairs are in order and safe from any potential ATO scrutiny. When we prepare your tax returns, we go the extra mile and look at all the ways we can legitimately reduce your tax now and in the future.

Tax planning

Tax isn’t just compliance. We work with small businesses and family groups to develop effective strategies that can minimise your overall tax payable while growing your net worth. Our tax planning strategies enable you to gain a clear view for the next 12 months and budget accordingly for your tax liabilities.

Specialist tax advice

Do you have a special project or major transaction coming up? You need certainty on any tax implications that may make or break the deal and avoid any speed bumps. We know that your options can often become limited after the event, so we make sure things are set up optimally at the beginning so there are no unwelcome surprises.

Forecasting & budgets

A good budget is a must for your business. But so is a clear route to your destination. We provide specialist forecasting and budgeting that gives you clarity around your future position so you can keep your eye on the prize and make more confident decisions for your business.

Business Activity Statements (BASs)

There are many benefits to having an accountant manage your BAS. You can access expert advice to help with savings on tax, never miss a BAS deadline, get an accurate reconciliation of all your business activity … but overall, you get more time back and reduce the unnecessary stress that comes with doing your own BAS lodgement.

Maximise your wealth

We understand that the relationship you have with your accountant is one of the most important business relationships you’ll have in your journey. We don’t take advantage of that. We want to be more than just ‘the accountants’. We want to enable you to be more confident in your business decisions based on a clear view of your numbers and tax obligations, and understand the financial future of your business. If you want an accountant who will proactively help you minimise your tax liability and gain a clear understanding of your cash position, get in touch with our experienced accounting and tax team today.